How does Celebsleather pricing work?

To help you shop more easily we have specified the prices on Prices appearing in light gray and canceled are compare at prices which is available on other stores. Prices in orange color are the price which we offer you.

How can I pay for my order with

For your convenience accepts Paypal and Visa Master cards for payment.

Can I make a change after I've placed my order?

Changes may be made after an order is submitted but within one day. Our system is designed to fill orders and get them on their way as quickly as possible. by the result, we are unable to cancel or make any changes after one day to an order after once it has been placed.

Do you ship orders World wide?

Celebs – leather jackets are free shipping worldwide Our customers are surprised by our free shipping offer by DHL or FedEx.

Where can I look for information on the order I placed?

Your Order Confirmation details the price of each item and code of the product will sent you by email

Why do i need to register?

to help us assist you better in the future please register account as a customer on our website.

Where do you get your leather?

Our leather is an agricultural by-product. the pure animal skins We purchase the hides and transform them into beautiful leather apparel and accessories.

How can i contact if i have more questions? you can contact us at this email address and frankly ask any question about our work and products.