Captain America: Civil War Scarlett Jhonson Viral Video Leave Baored Meeting

Scarlett Johnson the famous Hollywood Actress leave the bored meeting very rudely this viral video is captured by the local media reporter she was standing with respective women of the town and suddenly she leave the chair and goes straight out from the conference. Scarlett Johnson playing a role of black widow in the movie as Natasha. The marvel DC comic movie is set to release in next month All around the world cinemas and the cast and film makers are busy to promote their film and doing premiers in Big cities. everyone is supporting their fave teams but at the end of the day i realize that marvel is doing great job by their out standing effort this time i must say this movie will be the rock on cinemas and break All record of last movies of marvel.

whole team of captain

Team captain America is Looking Favorite most of people are appreciate captain America Specially Chris Evens is making his return by this movie.


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